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Radiator Colours

 RAL CLASSIC colour chart:

Ral Classic Colours M

to open in PDF format

RAL CLASSIC SMALL colour chart:

ral classic SMALL colour M to open in PDF format

STONE RADIATORS' colour chart:

stone colours M

 to open in PDF format

 CAST IRON special colour chart:

cast iron colours M

 to open in PDF format

 GLASS colour chart only for Dream & Dream Bath models:

dream radiators glass colours M


Wood types (only for Monsoon models):

wood types chart M

 to open in PDF format


You can choose the radiator colour from 200 RAL Classic colours. We offer you red radiator, black radiator, cream radiator, beige radiator, white radiator, grey radiator, pink radiator, yellow radiator, green radiator, blue radiator, orange radiator without extra charge.